/ / 15 types of braids that are ideal for growing your pony; They will be your salvation

15 types of braids that are ideal for growing your pony; They will be your salvation

That pony can always give your character a differentlending it a fresh and youthful touch, however, as it grows, it becomes very difficult to comb it: you can not consume it, it loses its shape and even the length of your hair can always take to hands. Still, there is a troubleshooting that will finally ends with this little problem. The braids are perfect to hold the growing pony. They not only give your haircut a different note, but also help you to grow faster. Here we leave you 10 types of pigtails that are perfect to hide the pony.

15 types of braids

double braid

That class of braid is ideal to hide the pony, and the best thing is that it is very smooth, it is enough to braid two pieces of hair and to keep them one on top of the other.

14 types of braids

Endless network

Say goodbye to the little pony with a hidden pigtail.

13 types of braids

Tiara braid

That class of braid should go up that onestart right side of your head, then you should keep wool for wool, until you reach the other final. Really smooth, right?

12 types of braids

Double braid with round piece

The best thing about this class of braids is that you can testify to a small round at the finals to make them even more special.

10 types of braids

crown braids

If you, before you had the pony, a lineMade in that center to define your wool, what types of braids are the perfect right of first refusal, and you will ensure that it grows faster.

9 types of braids

At least braid

If you only want to hide your pony once, this is the perfect choice: it's short and smooth.

8 types of braids

Long braid

With this braid, you can highlight your long, smooth wool.

7 types of braids

Braid disheveled

If you do not want your wool overwhelmed all day long, you can try to create a loose weave that only holds with a needle.

6 types of braids

Simple braid with round piece

Upwards, how can you control that rebel wool that tries to get out of its sports ground.

4 types of braids

Triple braid

Remember that it is important to be independentOf which class of braid you use, combine the styles so that that pony grows faster and most of all, a bit of detail protrudes from your face.

3 types of braids

Mixed braid

If you pull it sine tempore, hairon the face, you can hide them for viewing, not you braiding them and messing with your hair to make them look like a headband.

2 types of braids


This is one of those simplest waysto make a braided headband. Smooth two braids up each side of your head, pull your hair back, cross them and fix them with needles.

Half braid

That class of braids that will help you oneCasting a haircut between Rocogido and Loose is always a good choice for long or short wool. Remember, such a mesh will help you look tender and coveted.

Pony braid

If your pony is too short, do not worry, one of those best solutions is to forge a braid forward.

Braid fishtail

In the dispute over the previous network you shouldWithin this class of braid, just change the back alignment, and to create a stronger emphasis, you can create a braid below.

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